New Central air conditioning system/free estimate

New Central air conditioning system/free estimate

The air conditioning season last year 2010 was brutal on the air conditioning systems. The heat came and stayed for a spell along with the humidity. Our company stayed busy during those trying times repairing and replacing central air conditioning systems as well as roof top air conditioning systems for commercial usages.

The farmer’s almanac predicts warm and wet 2011 summer, not hot and sweltering. That’s good news if you don’t like the heat, but its bad news for us hvac contractors that wish the hot weather here.

Whatever the temperatures are in the summer there are plenty of central air conditioners to clean and tune up as well as replacing old and out dated air conditioning systems.

If you’re not ready to replace your central air conditioning system then consider Revitalizing your central air conditioning system. Let me explain; there is a renew chemical lubricant that will revitalize you’re a/c system to almost like new conditions, this renew system will quiet those noisy and shaky air conditioning systems down quite a bit as well as decrease the electrical consumption by as much as 20%. This renew will also extend the life of the a/c system.

Last season we successfully sold hundreds of these a/c revitalize systems. Due to the increased cost of manufacturing central air conditioning systems, therefore the cost of installations will rise sharply; and due to this fact we should see an increased sale of this renew system.

Try “Re-New” today and see the difference in your system performance as well as your comfort level.
If you’re not completely satisfied with the renew system you will receive a money back guarantee on the renew system lubricant.

Call today to schedule an appointment for the introduction of the “Re New” lubricant into you is a/c system today at Chicago 312-243-9896 Midway Chicago 773-580-2800 Oak Lawn 708-499-5334 Crestwood, Alsip, Orland Park and Tinley Park 708-560-5410.

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