New Central Air conditioning system

New Central Air conditioning system

Spring has arrived and soon summer will be at full swing. Soon, kids will be home from school on summer break. The resorts and beaches are calling your name, vacation homes will be opening soon as well. The last thing to ruin your summer vacation is having your Central air conditioning system fail.

Central air conditioning systems like any other mechanical device fails when you least expect it to. To avoid that dreary call to the air conditioning guys Of Around The Town concerning a air conditioning problem, plan ahead and get you’re a / c serviced early. Around The Town Heating And Cooling has a dynamic 12 point air conditioner tune up. Our tune ups consist of:

In your home we:
• Inspect furnace or air handler filter to insure cleanliness.
• Inspect condensate drain lines for obstruction.
• Inspect refrigeration lines for proper insulation.
• Inspect blower motor and check proper speed selection.
• Inspect thermostat and its operation.
Outside your home at the condenser or air conditioner we:
• Inspect and clean condenser unit.
• Inspect refrigeration lines for proper insulation.
• Inspect low voltage and high voltage wiring for kinks, breaks, dry rotting and loose wire nuts and connections.
• Inspect condenser fins for proper air flow.
• Inspect and observe the complete operation of condenser.
• Inspect and check the amp draw of the compressor.
• Inspect and check refrigerant levels for full operational capacities.
In the event our technicians find any problems with your a/c during the tune up, they will inform you of this and any additional costs of repairs. No repairs will be performed without your approval.
Thank You

Call today to Schedule your air conditioning tune up. South and West Loop 1-312-243-9896 Chicago General Suburbs 708-560-5410.
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