New central air conditioning system.

New central air conditioning system.

If you are in the market for a new central air conditioning system here are some items you should consider before you purchase your new air conditioning system. Price is always a concern however other items to know are;

1. Which refrigerant system to purchase, your options at the moment are R-22 or 410a systems (see line item 5).
2. Properly sized air conditioning system, the a/c unit you have now, may not be the right size for your home.
3. Make sure that the blower motor on your furnace or air handler is sized to handle your new a/c system. Sometimes your existing blower motor is not running at full capacity and it is easy for a contractor to over look. Especially if a salesman sells you your new unit and the installers don’t pay attention to that detail.
4. If you are just changing out your a/c condenser (outside unit only) and the evaporator coil is staying make sure the installers cleans the existing evaporator coil. 90% of all evaporator coils are dirty and it is imperative that the evaporator coil is clean for proper operation, especially if you are installing a new 13 seer condenser to the old evaporator. If you chose 410a air conditioning system changing the evaporator coil is necessary.
5. Back to r-22 verses 410a. It has been said that within the next few years that 410a the newest refrigerant system sold will be discontinued and a replacement system will be 421a however this is not written in stone and the manufactures and the government aren’t sure. This is scuttlebutt, but as I’m typing this, changes can be made.

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