new central air conditioning system

New central air conditioning system. Tired of paying those high electric bills during the summer while running your central air conditioning system?
We’re sure that you are. Older central air conditioning systems are running at 10 seer ratings which means you are running at about 14 to 16 amps of current per leg of your 220 volt central air conditioning system.
New central air conditioning systems are running at a minimum of 13 seer and can go as high as 24 seer depending upon your needs and wants.Seer means: Seasonal energy efficient ratio, another words how much electricity to run your air conditioner for the summer months.

The higher the seer the lower your electric bill will be as well as lowering the carbon emissions from the coal plants. The lower the wattage the less electricity the plants need to make. Reducing the carbon footprint.
There are a few ways to lower your electric bill, one is to replace your old and inefficient central air conditioning system, and the second way would be to have a service technician from Around The Town Heating and
The super tune up can decrease your electric bills as much as 30%. We know for sure that we can decrease your electric bill by as much as 15% without trying; the other 15% takes a little work from our crafty service technicians. Call 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896 to schedule your super Central air conditioning tune up today.

Air conditioning come to your home and give your central air conditioning system a super tune up.Central air conditioning season for residential single family homes users are short compared to tenants in high rise buildings. Because of the heat gain in high rise building central air conditioning gets turned on much sooner than those of single family homes.

If you’re a high rise condo or apartment owner then you may want to consider calling us sooner than later to get your central air conditioning system super tune up performed. Call for pricing and details. 312-243-9896

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