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When the heat is blaring in Chicago and I’m not in my cool and cozy air conditioned home I go to a cool place in my head where I would like to take a vacation. The favorite vacation would have to be Italy.

I always wanted to see the land where my grandparents came from; the place where so much history came from-the Romans, the Renaissance, the engineering, and the fashion. Italy, from what I read and saw, is a magnificent country.

The places in Italy will leave your mind and heart wanting more. Italy brings out the best in people; nobody can be mad in such a beautiful place. Not to mention, the weather is just phenomenal; it usually stays hot through the spring, summer, and fall. The winter doesn’t really snow unless you’re in the Northern Alps; moreover, the weather exemplifies the country-all around beauty.

Most people speak proudly of their Italian roots and nationality. It only deserves pride; Italy is in a class of its own considering beauty and a rich history dating back to the conquering Romans. The Romans built the first aqueducts that cooled their homes with running water from the cool streams. Italy offers some much to tourists. Milan is the fashion capitol of the entire world. Rome is the home of the ancient Romans and the place where the Pope resides. Naples, Pompeii, Contursi show people the beautiful countryside and the life by the Mediterranean Sea.

Talking about the Mediterranean, the weather is comfortable; the heat comes and goes along with the cool weather. Air conditioning is seldom needed except for the westerners whom travel abroad and who has become reliant on climate control in their homes and businesses.

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