New central air conditioner

New central air conditioner

April 2 2010 the weather was balmy, windy and warm, Saturday April 3 cool and rainy, “go figure”, typical Chicago Weather.

On April 2nd the warm weather was a good indicator that the heat is coming and air conditioner switches at the thermostats are going to be switched over from heat to cool.

Is your air conditioning system ready for a long summer?

A few items you may want to check that will answer the above question.

  1. If you use an air conditionercover, have you removed it yet?
  2. Have you called your air conditioning man out to tune your a/c system?
  3. Have you had problems with your a/c last cooling season? and have you  made preparations, financially speaking, to handle your a/c problems soon?
  4. Have you been told you need a new unit and the cost to replace your unit with the new refrigerant 410 a is out of your ball park?
  • Finally, have you researched your choice of air conditioning contractors and have you called them to schedule an appointment?

These are simple questions you already know, how ever air conditioning this season is going tobe  long and hot so prepare now.

The Around The Town Air conditioning crew is waiting for your call and is determined to handle any and all your air conditioning concerns and needs.

If your in need of a new a c system Chicago or suburbs, please don’t wait until the price gets driven up do to extreme heat.

Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning prices don’t increase because of heat, but we have heard of such things happening, and we just like for you to know this fact.

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