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In the Market for a new boiler? Good, then you found the right page to read!

New boilers come in various types such as; steam or water, natural gas or propane. There is no better source of heating than boiler heat. For the Chicago land region natural gas is the prime source to power these boilersNew boilers come with three different efficiencies ,from the ultra 97% manufactured by Weil McLain to the 84% efficient by Burnham, and of course the standard efficiency of a new boiler today is the benevolent 80% efficient boiler. This new boiler is manufactured by all other boiler manufacturer’s such as ; Burnham, Crown, Dunkirk, Utica, Pennco. And to add a few more boiler manufactures like the New Yorker, Peerless is saying a lot. These are pretty much the list of manufacturer’s  that is widely seen and installed concerning the residential new boiler.

You will see the likes of a new boiler such as Utica’s, Dunkirk’s and Weil McLain and Peerless in most commercial applications like apartment buildings, high rise condo’s, multi-tenant buildings.  These new boilers also are in most  buildings down town Chicago. Good time of the season to get a new boiler, air conditioning work is slowing so the deals or sales are popping now, WOW!

We install boilers from 800.000 I=B=R Btu’s and below.  The bigger new boilers are usually handled by your bigger mechanical companies. Our pricing on all boilers from residential to commercial, water or steam is very reasonable. We install your new boiler to Chicago code and we follow manufacture’s recommendations to the letter. So therefore if you are shopping a new boiler Chicago or elsewhere for that matter give Around the Town Heating and Cooling a call today at 312-243-9896. Thanks.

New boiler
these are the old boilers we remove


new boiler chicago
Here is an after picture of 2 New Yorker Boilers we installed on the west side of Chicago

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