New air conditioning system Chicago

A new air conditioning system in Chicago can be expensive if your not careful which hvac contractor you choose. I’m not the messenger, just have a concerned opinion.

Here at Around The Town Heating we offer a full line of air conditioning products from the soon to be outlawed puron 410a systems to R-22 Refrigerant systems and spot coolers as well as unico and spacepak specialized systems.

Unico air conditioning systems offers air conditioning in an unconventional manner concerning homes that do not have the space for the conventional steel duct work. Unico system can be ran through walls, ceiling.  The actual air handler for the unico system comes in 2 parts and can fit in an opening of 14 x 20 in your ceiling access or attic if you will. this system is very nice in historic preservation homes or commercial building.

New air conditioning system Chicago serves 2 purposes, (1) it provides a more energy efficient way of cooling your home or business. (2) Provides you, the consumer with, the option of the latest trends and the best warranty in the business.

Around The Town Air Conditioning company is proud to release air conditioning news about Refrigerant r-22, These systems are still available to you the consumer for another year or so, keep that in mind. Spring has sprung and make sure you call Around The Town Heating and Cooling to schedule your appointment for a new air conditioning system Chicago today.

In the South loop a/c, West loop a/c and river north a/c, Call 312-243-9896 Chicago Local Call 773-809-4103 or South, south west suburbs Call 708-560-5410. Thanks

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