My Central Air Conditioner is Very Loud and Noisy

My central air conditioner is so loud and noisy and it’s located near the patio where we sit in the summer, what can I do to make it quieter?

This is a common problem.

Answer; There are few solutions to alleviate some of the noises your central air conditioner makes during operation.

Dyer, Indiana, 46311, AC RepairBefore calling us out to figure out your solution for your loud and noisy central air conditioner, try these few suggestions first; try installing 4 small pieces of rubber underneath each corner of your central air conditioning unit. There should be enough clearance to lift each corner 1 side at a time to install the rubber. Old bicycle tires, cut up work well. Next thing is to clean the condenser coil (outdoor unit) completely with a small power washer or strong garden hose to get all the cottonwoods and crap out of the coils. If your central air conditioner is not level by all means level it with shims.

If these simple tricks don’t work then give us a call for a solution. It is possible that simply the age of the air conditioning unit and the make and model of the a/c unit says it’s time to replace the old and noisy unit with a new high efficient Trane air conditioning system.

Call us today to schedule your annual central air conditioning system maintenance check at 708-560-5410.

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