My a/c leaks Refrigerant

My a/c leaks Refrigerant

Every year you do you  seem to need Refrigerant in your air conditioning system?  Would you like turning your air conditioning system on and it actually blows cold? I’m sure you would! Every year about this time we get numerous calls about a/c not blowing cold and every year it’s the same reason, a leak. We tell customers that the a/c leak needs repairing or the system needs replacing.” This is not our sell tactic, this is a law that governs the protection of the earths ozone and our way of life according to the EPA, and besides who are we to question these laws?

Many people can’t afford a new system and we are bound by EPA Laws that prohibit us from willful venting. So you may ask, what is the solution to my problem? There is not one simple solution to all Refrigerant leak problems however we can correct most of the air conditioning system leaks with our leak stop system by e-z seal or nu calgon, and these sealants work and usually last until you have to replace your air conditioning system. All mechanical machines at one point needs replacing, that’s the way it is, however if a temporary relief is what you need then don’t look no further then this phone number listed here 312-243-9896. Call today for answers to your questions concerning Refrigerant leaks or any questions concerning your heating and air conditioning systems.

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