Logan Square Air Conditioning Repair

Logan square air conditioning repair

Logan Square air conditioning repair contractor talks about how at the beginning of every air conditioning season the calls that come in concerning Refrigerant leaks in their central air conditioning system.

Yes, old or new ac systems are the culprits of this annual occurance. For example, Last Saturday our service tech team went to 3131 N. Logan Square Blvd. Chicago and repaired a 5 year old air conditioning unit that had leaks in the system and had to be repaired. The leaks occurred due to faulty installation at the time the building was rehabbed. Should this be the case? Absolutely not! Your probably wondering, someone turned on their ac already? Yes, in mid rise and high rise buildings its common to hear that the central air conditioners are being operated.

Often times air conditioning contractors get so busy that they worry about their next call before they finish the call that they are on. Around The Town Heating And Cooling knows this first hand, that’s why we give are service technicians 1 call at a time, the same applies to our installers. If you can’t find the time to do the job correctly while you are there, when will you find the time to come back to fix it?

Logan Square air conditioning repair contractor concentrates and finishes the air conditioner repair service or air conditioning installation service we are performing and then when the customer is completely satisfied, we move on to the next call. The weather at the moment is not cooperating and the service guys are getting impatient for the hot weather to pop so they can start earning.

Logan Square Chicago air conditioning repair contractor has a special formulated plan to help ease you into a new ozone friendly air conditioning system. If your air conditioner is old then this plan is for you. Summer is coming soon and it would be terrible for you not to clean your air conditioning system, then have it break down which could possible cost you a ton of scratch. Our blog notices are to inform you of these air conditioner services that are available to you.  A/c `s that are on the ground the ac tune up for those are $79.95 and the a/c  tune ups on the roof are now only$ 149.95 spring specials.

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