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Local air conditioning contractor talks about designer heating and air conditioning products. Are these new products better?

Local air conditioning contractor knows that upgrades can save more energy dollars as well as increases comfort.  There are downside of these new heating and air conditioning products. Like any new gadgets today has a higher rate of failure. It’s like that old saying KISS, (Keep it simple stupid).

We live in a gadget world and people who like new gadgets will purchase them.  However they expect these gadgets to last forever and frankly they don’t.  Furnace and air conditioning systems installed by your local air conditioning contractor would like your system to last forever.  However 2 things wrong with that. First is, the manufactures don’t build them to last. And secondly your local air conditioning contractor will have no service work or the pleasure of your company.

If your local air conditioning contractor installs your heating or air conditioning system according to manufactures recommendations for proper installations.  The product will work relatively long.
The flip side to these new upgraded heating and air conditioning systems are lack of maintenance, and frankly it’s due to home owner’s forgetfulness.

There was a study done a few years back by Time magazine stating that the least thought about appliance in a home was the furnace and air conditioning systems, until they broke down of course. That’s why the majority of heating and air conditioning companies offer pre-season air conditioning maintenance checks as well as pre-season furnace maintenance checks.

Basically there are 2 items needed for long lasting heating and air conditioning products. 1. Checking and changing furnace filters monthly. 2. Having your heating and air conditioning products serviced or maintained annual. Pre-season maintenance for air conditioning systems should be performed in May or early June. Furnace or boilers maintenance checks should be performed in late September early October. These are recommended times, however you can have heating and air conditioning system maintenance checks performed at any time.

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