Law 90 percent furnace in May 2013

Law 90 percent Furnace

Law 90 percent furnace, There is much confusion concerning the law  90 percent furnace efficient  standard coming May 1st 2013.  There is really nothing confusing about then new law 90 percent furnace in May 2013, the law is designed to increase efficiency levels in residential and commercial properties. The Department of Energy figured it’s time to cut back on fossil fuel consumption and one way to perform this feat is to make the furnace manufactures make furnaces with minimum efficiencies of 90 percent.

This is nothing new because 90% efficient furnaces been out for a very long time, however mandating the hvac industry to only install 90% efficient furnaces and higher is what’s new. The Doe figured that if the home owner didn’t care about high gas bills and high fossil fuels emissions then it was time to take the bull by the horns and set these new 90% furnace laws.

The 90 percent furnace law

Law 90 percent furnace ,Frankly I think the furnace manufactures pushed this law 90 percent furnace mandate, why would they you may wonder? Because it service 2 things, 1, have one less furnace to build meaning lowering the work force and increasing their profits and 2 because high efficient furnaces are more expensive which will also increase their profit tenfold. Romney? Of course this is speculation, but it could be true.

The law 90 percent efficient furnace law  in may 2013 mandate is a good thing, the positive side of the law is; better efficiencies while heating your home making you more comfortable and lowering natural gas costs for you. What’s wrong with that?

The new law 90 percent furnace will increase furnace installation prices a bit but will pay for itself in no time. And another positive side of getting a new 90% efficient furnace is; better efficiencies, lower gas bills, better warranty, plus these new furnaces are much quieter.
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