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The heat is coming and going due to the clamatorial weather patterns streaming down from the gulf. We wake up in the morning and its cool outside, by noon it has been getting warmer however come 6pm the heat is slowly dissipating and the coolness is upon us again at night.

Our air conditioner is not getting the proper operation time to remove any and all the humidity from our homes or businesses. This soon will change.

When the real heat comes upon us the humidity increases and the temperatures soar and ka-blam the central air conditioning systems starts to breakdown.

Performing these simple procedures as a home or business owner such as changing your furnace filter(s) will help alleviate costly service repair bills. Now granted a mechanical device such as your central air conditioning system will break down at some point but let’s not help it by having a dirty furnace filter of a clogged condenser coil.

Having stated the above it is a real good time to have your central air conditioner cleaned and tuned up by the number on hvac contractor in Chicago and we are AROUND THE TOWN HEATING AND COOLING OR AROUND THE TOWN HVAC. Call for service today at 312-2473-9896.

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