Installing a Minisplit System in Chicago

What you should know about Minisplit heat pumps and if they will work for your home.

Minisplit heating and cooling systems are not new. They have been around for decades but were less popular in the U.S. than other countries. A minisplit system uses a heat pump with a refrigeration cycle to warm and cool the air in your home or office. In cooling mode it removes the hot air inside and blows it outside. In heating mode it blows warm air inside. Minisplit systems generally don’t use ductwork. They use air handlers and are mounted on the wall or ceiling. The temperature is controlled through a remote or wall-mounted thermostat.

Minisplit systems can be used as an ad-on to your current HVAC system to cool hard to reach rooms. They can also be an option for some homes to heat and cool the entire house if there is limited room for regular size ductwork.

A Minisplit refrigeration system has two units. An indoor air handler and an outdoor unit that includes the compressor.

Much smaller than traditional heating and air-conditioning systems.

(9000-15,000 BTU per minisplit system)

Around the Town HVAC has experience installing Minisplit systems throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Call or contact us today to schedule and appointment to have a Minisplit system installed in your home or office today and stay comfortable all year round.

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