I Need A New Furnace

Looking to purchase a new furnace? Purchasing a new furnace isn’t a hard task. Call up three new furnace contractors and I’m sure they would be more than happy to give you a quote for a new furnace. I know we would!

A New furnace today varies from manufacture to manufacture, however all furnaces are built to work if;

• The new furnace is sized correctly to your structure, square foot to BTU of furnace ratio or heat loss.

• If the furnace is installed correctly, like plenty of return air to cool plenum properly, plenty of supplies to dissipate the heat produced by the furnace.
• Proper starts up procedures are performed at time of installation.

Now these are the things we do when selling you a new furnace, however once we install your new furnace the rest is up to you. Like what you may ask? I will tell you like what” Check or change your furnace filter on a regular basis. How often is a regular basis you may wonder?  Checking your furnace filter monthly is recommended.  But you as the owner of your home must perform a trail run, what I mean by that is, you have to figure out the schedule of when you need to change your furnace filter.

new furnace
Clogged Furnace Filter, never let your filter look like this. Believe it or not this is common, one out of every three furnace filters look like this. Ug”

Put a new filter in the filter section of your new furnace and check it in a month, if it’s dirty change it, if it’s not dirty check the furnace filter in two more weeks,  if dirty change it. By all means never leave your furnace filter in more than two months.

I spoke a lot about furnace filters. And I should, the majority of furnace and air conditioner failures are caused by dirty furnace filters.
If you plan on replacing your furnace, do yourself a favor and keep your furnace filter clean and have Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning install your furnace, we will guarantee a proper installation and a fair price.  Now I said fair, not cheap. The old adage is” you get what you pay for..

new furnace
this new furnace has a filter rack for ease of furnace filter changes

Thanks Big Ed

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