HVAC Repair Service Charge $89.95

HVAC Repair Service Charge $89.95

We receive many calls for HVAC service, and the first question is how much is your service charge? Why is there a HVAC repair service charge?

Part of any business is payroll, workman’s comp, insurances;  in addition to those items, we have fuel costs, parking cost (where applies), parts purchases. We keep our trucks fully stocked 90% of the time. Therefore, it cost us money to send a technician to your home or business to diagnose your HVAC issues.

Our service charges cover travel to your home or business and 15 minutes of diagnosing your HVAC system problems.  After the initial diagnostic our service techs will inform you of the problem with your HVAC system and the cost to repair the HVAC system. If you agree to the repair cost, our techs will make any and all repairs necessary for your heating system to work properly.

Our service techs will also inform you of any recommendations for your HVAC system, if any.

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