HVAC Repair Chicago has many pages of HVAC repair Contractors trying to sell you their services through online placement position.

Does the HVAC repair contractor on the top of the first page make that HVAC contractor your choice for servicing your HVAC system? I get it, you’re cold or hot depending on the season and want the first HVAC contractor to provide you HVAC service now.

I’m curious, does reputation make a difference? Are the online reviews critical in weighing your decision to have the first HVAC contractor you find come to your home?

HVAC repair Chicago and search engine marketing now comes down to dollars and cents. The more dollars a HVAC Repair Contractor gives to google the more exposure they get. According to our website guru, it’s all about the Benjamin’s and no longer about relevant content, is this true? I’m not sure.

My point is this, you as a consumer probably knows the above statements. Do you pick the first HVAC contractor that pays the most to be on top?

Or do you research HVAC repair Chicago contractors out first?
Reviews, licensed and social media and so on and so forth?

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