hvac problems/air conditioning/heating

hvac problems/air conditioning/heating

If your looking for honest answers without a lenghty sales pitch call the comfort specialist of Around The Town Today!

Who’s the best heating and air conditioning company in the Chicago Land area? I would say our company Around The Town Heating and Cooling  I say that because I truly believe that!  Consumers disregard this next statement.

This statement is for those hvac companies that is so fixated on Around the town Heating and Cooling reading and watching our blogs. My presence on the web is only going to grow beyond your wildest imagination, you watch! I will not be threaten by any of the large hvac firms any more, Why does multi million dollar hvac corps feel so threatened by a  small company like ours?.” My company is small and reputable I will not be intimated, My presences will only grow and grow!!!! For those, this last statement applies to, I or our web team never look at your web sites or blogs and frankly we don’t care .

Remember any company that continuously grows and hires and train service and installation personal is helping our economy by employing workers. Here’s a thought for the consumers: Having every service or installation perfect and making every customer satisfied all the time will not always happen, if issues arise where you as a consumer are not totally satisfied you should notify the company of question and tell them your concerns so that if it was a fault of the technician or installer the company can improve on that concern. Without feedback from you the consumer’ we would not be able to make any improvements on that said concern. Some people right away bad rap  hvac companies without the company knowing why and without feed back, we cannot improve on that particular problem.

Home owners and their hvac equipment

Many questions have been asked by homeowners concerning maintenance on their furnace or air conditioning system.
Air conditioning and furnace systems are designed to provide very comfortable air conditioning and heating at reasonable energy consumption usages provided you follow these few simple steps.

Furnace filters, the furnace filter provides two services, 1. keeps dust and dirt out of your blower motor and squirrel cage of the blower motor as well as the evaporator coil, 2. Helps trap dust and dirt that continually travels throughout your home during the heating and cooling cycles. Furnace filters have become a big issue due to these manufactures selling these three month pleated filters, how’s that you may ask? The pleated filters restrict air flow when they are brand new, now coat them with dust and dirt and watch the problems that occur, 3. having your central air conditioning system and your furnace system cleaned and tuned up annually does make a difference on efficiencies as well as spotting potential problems that may be occurring. We suggest to our customers to buy the cheaper and less restricted furnace filters and check and change the filters monthly.

A common question asked when we are on a sales call is: “what is the best heating and air conditioning system? Manufactures of heating and air conditioning systems all claim  that their products are the best” Wouldn’t you say the same? Of course you would. It has been proven by us as well as other hvac companies that even the least expensive heating and air conditioning systems work great and give you 15 to 20 years of good service provided that the maintenance of the furnace and air conditioning have been performed annually.

 A machine of any sort will perform as it should with a little thing called maintenance, which we all know is a big thing. At some time or another you may have been told that a particular malfunction whether it be a car or your hvac system is or was caused by an excessive amount of dust or dirt or just a lack of care.If your looking for honest answers without a lenghty sales pitch call the comfort specialist of Around The Town Today! 312-243-9896 or Corporate at 708-560-5410

Bringing comfort to you!

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