HVAC Price Gouging Chicago

HVAC Price gouging, you hear of a HVAC contractor that is price gouging in Chicago. You see that in reviews and you may see it on TV or the internet.

HVAC price gouging, say it ain’t so”. What one person deems price gouging another may deem it to be fair. For example on yelp there is a review about our company price gouging a blower motor installation, our price was $385 plus the service call and a capacitor, that person while our technician was at the house looked on line and said I found a motor on line for $80.00. But the motor he was looking at was not the right one and frankly he was an idiot and we sent our lawyers after him for lying about us for price gouging on the internet.

In any service business you have your people that are pissed off because they have to spend any money period, for service. I have had customers say “well I seen that part for XYZ on the internet” Why is your price so high?

The price on the internet is just that, on the internet, is it on your furnace or boiler? and is it the right part? Also can you safely install the part? And is it on your furnace or boiler immediately? No of course not, it has to be shipped, and if it’s cold or hot in your home how does that change your comfort level? It doesn’t, but we do because we have the part on our truck and if not we can get the part nearby in a matter of one hour.

Let me ask you this, when you purchase a car do you think the car dealers are making fifty dollars? No they make on an average car of $30.000 they make around $10.000 plus any upgrades the sell you. Now that’s not price gouging? You got to remember that some of that $10.000 goes to overhead.

Here is another point. Many people purchase a car; prices vary of course, but your average car price is$30.000, you use the car for what a year past the end of the loan, trade the car in and purchase another car.

Now let me ask you this; shouldn’t that car last twenty to thirty years for the price you spent? OK then, let’s compare a car to your furnace. You purchase a basic furnace for $2400.00, now this furnace keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, how long do you expect that furnace to last? 4 years maybe 5, oh no you want that furnace to last 15 to twenty years. But wait you paid $30.000 for a car that you will be trading in around 4 or 5 years, maybe a little longer. But shouldn’t that car last as long as your furnace? HVAC price gouging? I don’t see it.

Pricing gouging is what places like Walmart do. Not us hard working HVAC guys, we don’t buy private jets and mansions. We are blue collar working men trying to feed our families by keeping your HVAC systems working safe and efficient. Thanks BIG ED

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