Have you submitted your claim through your insurance company or through FEMA from the floods of July and August 2010? If not the deadline is October 18 2010 unless the Feds extend the time for submitting new claims.

Floods reap havoc to furnaces and boilers as well as washers and dryers in basements. The amount rain fall that created flooding in July and August 2010 was devastating to say the least. Some people have commented about the lack of speed in which the deep tunnels or locks were opened. If the deep tunnels were opened sooner half the basements that were flooded may have avoided. My thought is that the water department in Chicago should rethink their strategy concerning torrential rain falls. There are engineering data that guides when the locks should be opened, were they followed? Who knows?

If you were a victim of the flooding and still have not acted upon the repairs or replacements of your furnaces or boilers, you may want to start the proceeding for the purchasing of your new boiler or furnaces. Old man winter will be here sooner than you may realize, this long and hot summer may have you thinking that the cold may not come soon but this is Chicago and the weather patterns are so sporadic and change with a blink of the eyes.

Around The Town Heating have some great disaster relief specials on furnaces and boilers. Here goes, A new 80%e efficient furnace installed for $1800.00, a new residential water boiler 105 000 or 140 000 BTU installed for $2850.00 and a residential steam boiler 105 000 or 140 000 BTU installed for $3000.00 ( some restrictions may apply but not many).

HVAC FLOOD ASSISTANCE CHICAGO FURNACE, Call 312-243-9896 or 708 388-2247!

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