HVAC Contractors and Their Favorite Customers

Dogs always seem to appear when we are performing a repair on air conditioning outdoor units. Recently, the same thing happened while installing a air conditioner in Midlothian off 145th and Pulaski Rd.  The boxer just came upon us, and when we realized this fact, we nearly jumped out of our skin. The good thing is that the dog was friendly. I have a picture of the customer and his dog as well as Salvatore on his first installation of a central air conditioning system complete with the copper line set and evaporator coil.  The kid is a natural hvac specialist!

This Picture depicts Midlothian a/c or central air conditioning installation. The next picture shows the home owner and Salvatore. The home owner and Salvatore hit it off, and my customer was pleased with the price of the air conditioning installation as well as the look and performance of the air conditioner.

The Westinghouse warranty is ten years with a quality pledge. If the compressor fails in ten years, Westinghouse will pay my rate to install a new condenser for you. It is a great deal!

Installations of either furnaces, boilers or central air conditioning requires more than just installing the equipment.  There are step by step start up procedures that have to be performed for a proper and quality installation of the equipment.  Many of the air conditioning systems repairs we make (especially when they are new) are faulty start up procedures.  The other problem with air conditioning  systems we routinely run into is either dirty condenser coils or furnace/air handler filters or both.  Air conditioning clean ups and checks can save you money.  Air conditioning tuneups also can tell us if the evaporator coil is dirty by checking the air conditioners Refrigerant gas pressures.  Dirty evaporator coils cause many problems, the worst of them are poor indoor air quality.

Do you have a great air conditioning installation story?

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