HVAC Contractor Choosing the Right Company

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HVAC Contractors?

What criteria do you look for in an HVAC contractor?  An HVAC system is not something that most people can install themselves.  Most of the time this is a job that should be left to a trained professional. These systems can be dangerous if they are not put in correctly. Here are a few questions you should ask your HVAC Contractor:

  1. Is the HVAC Contractor insured? Not all HVAV Contractors are insured, and if something would happen, you become liable. The contractor should be able to provide you a copy of their insurance if you ask for it.
  2. How many years has the company been in business?  This is important to weed out the fly by night companies.  Also, it is easier to get references from a company that has been around for many years.
  3. Does the HVAC Contractor answer your questions?  If your HVAC Contractor makes you feel stupid, this is not the company you want to go with.  Your HVAC Contractor should make sure you understand everything they are doing without talking down to you or making you feel uneasy.
  4. Is the HVAC Contractor willing to come to your home?  Anybody who only wants to quote you over the phone is not somebody you want to work with.  The HVAC Contractor will need to test both your heating and cooling systems before they can make a recommendation.  You may find out that you have unit too big or too small for your home.  Also, you may not need a new unit.  A repair usually is cheaper, and if it can be done, a reputable HVAC contractor will tell you that.
  5. Does the HVAC Contractor represent a single brand or furnace manufacturer? An HVAC contractor who only sells one brand offers you limited choices.
  6. Have your friends and/or family used a HVAC Contractor recently?  If so, ask them who they used and if they liked them.
  7. What grade does your HVAC contractor have with the Better Business Bureau?  The Better Business Bureau is a great resource to see if there are complaints regarding the HVAC company and to see how they handled the complaints.
  8. Is the HVAC contractor licensed? Depending on where you live, your HVAC contractor may or may not need to be licensed to do work for you.  Make sure you know your local ordinances regarding this before you hire an HVAC contractor.
  9. Is the HVAC contractor willing to give you a written estimate and/or contract? A good estimate/bid/proposal will include the equipment to be installed, the work to be done, and the price, including labor costs. A handshake most likely will not hold up in court.  Make sure you get everything in writing!
  10. Is the HVAC timely?  Did they call back when they said they would?  Did they show up at your house on time for their appointment?  Past behavior is a great indicator of future behavior.  If you aren’t your HVAC Contractor’s priority before the sale, you definitely won’t be after they have your money!

These ten questions should help you choose the best HVAC contractor for your needs!  Do you have any other criteria you would like to add?

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