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Air conditioning season is almost here, if you are in the market for a new air conditioning system be very careful which brand and what refrigerant blend you purchase. This blog may shake things up a bit. But read on. This big push to save the ozone by eliminating ozone depleting Refrigerant gases is becoming a bigger farce then it already has been.

It has been rumored within the hvac community that this great Puron or 410 a refrigerant will be discontinued in 2 years or so because of the problems associated with this refrigerant. The big cheese Hvac Corporation sold the idea of this Puron to our great government and hook, line and sinker they fell for the idea of clean green refrigerant.( not such a bad goal) Unfortunately Puron or 410a isn’t working and that was not the catch all of going green. The newest idea for refrigerant is the 421a replacement, what is not known; is this new 421a replacement going to be at the manufactures level or just at service levels? Note: The nice thing about the 421 refrigerant is that you will be able to top off your R-22 refrigerant systems with 421a.

With 410a refrigerant you just can’t top off refrigerant if there is a leak, for proper procedures you suppose to recover all 410a (Puron) and find the leak and repair it and install virgin refrigerant to the system, why may you ask? The reason is the 4 blends in the refrigerant, if you don’t get the right mixture of the 4 blends you will have cross mixture and will have problems with not enough of one mixture and too much of the other. It makes perfect sense to me.

This Hvac contractor Chicago suggests to the consumer shopping a new air conditioning system is to purchase an R-22 system; just in case 4 or 5 years down the road your a/c system springs a leak you can fix it at a reasonable price.

Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning is Pro Green and we feel strongly about reducing the carbon footprint of the globe and we follow the EPA’s rules to the letter of the law.

However it is our job as a service provider to provide a service that is within the financial means of the consumer. And not take advantage of the consumer because of all these rules and regulations set forth.

If you are looking to replace your air conditioning system and want a honest to goodness fair shake and want to know the real deal call Ed at Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning today at 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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