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HVAC Contractor in Chicago wishes everyone a safe and warm holiday. Holiday season is here and Thanks Giving will be over before you know it and then Christmas will come and go and the New Year will roll around with a blink of an eye.

It seems, as one gets older time fly’s so fast and you wonder where time went. This also applies to the weather conditions in Chicago. For instance the weather outside has been delightful, but you know Chicago, the weather can turn against us like time, with a blink of an eye.

Having sad that, is your HVAC system ready? Have you had an HVAC Contractor check out your HVAC system? Have you taken advantages of all the furnace rebates that are available to you? If not, you should consider acting quickly because some of the rebates are expiring.

HVAC Contractor
HVAC means; Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning

HVAC Contractor tells you that through November 30th 2012 Peoples gas is giving double the rebate amount on 95% efficient furnaces and boilers. Through Peoples gas you receive a $1000.00 rebate instead of $500.00. That’s not a bad deal.

Some furnace manufactures are also giving great rebates on selected equipment. Contact your HVAC Contractor. Of course the higher end HVAC equipment you purchase the better the rebate, that rule applies to all sales, whether it’s a car or an appliance.

If you know you need a furnace, this is a select opportunity for you to buy. Financing is available to you through Peoples Gas and Wells Fargo. Around The Town Heating is available to answer questions you may have concerning a new furnace or boiler purchase. Feel free to call.

If you were to purchase a new high efficient furnace from the number one HVAC contractor in the Chicago area you would receive a 10 year parts and labor warranty as well as a free programmable thermostat and humidifier. Inquires call 312-243-9896.  Thanks and again have a safe, warm and Happy Holiday.

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