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Hvac Chicago/Hvac Repair company say`s I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the one’s I used to know when I was a kid. The snow has arrived with the cold weather.

The air is cold and the wind chill is in the single digits, get out the long johns, and I don’t mean Dunkin’ Donuts either. The cold weather is really what winter is, at least the winters we remember from our childhood. Would you really want to be on a sunny, warm sandy beach with your toes in the sand and drink in your hand in December?” Ducking now” !. I already know the answer to that question.


Hvac Chicago/Hvac Repair is Around the Town Heating and Cooling an we provide HVAC service /repair in Chicago. We are THE  furnace, boiler and heating systems company of choice. We install new furnace`s and boilers, heaters and thermostats and a variety of other source`s of heating systems.

There are different types of heating systems. Gas furnaces are one type. Gas furnaces have a higher running temperature than an electric furnace. A gas furnace can be installed as a floor unit or a wall unit, usually the duct work in the house determines which system should be used. Gas furnaces are unique because they use external air for combustion and venting.

Also with the gas furnaces the higher running temperature ensures the house will be warmer and more consistent. Consistent temperatures can cut down on operation costs and heating bills.

If you are considering a new furnace replacement give us a call at Around the Town Heating and Cooling an HVAC Chicago furnace / boiler repair service and installation company.

Chicago 312-243-9896 or Suburbs 708-560-5410

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