HVAC Chicago Heating Systems

The cold weather makes you want to keep warm and more aware of your furnace and your HVAC Chicago hating system needs. Furnaces are one of the main types of HVAC Chicago heating systems. Gas furnaces use natural gas to power the heat source for a home’s heat. There are some main components of a gas furnace. The burner is inside the heat exchange. Your HVAC Chicago heating system sends natural gas fuel to the burners which combusts the fuel generating heat that warms your home or business. A burner is housed in the heat exchanger in gas furnaces. The air inside the box is heated warming the walls of the heat exchanger. The air passes over the heat exchanger, and through natural gravity or forced blown air warms and moves to the rest of the house. If your duct work is correctly sized, you will be comfortable.

Chicago furnaces have a fan that sends air over the heat exchanger and through the duct work into your home. The fan draws cool air though the duct work back into the furnace. A flue or vent is a duct by which unwanted exhaust is sent into the chimney. If there is no chimney, the exhaust may be sent out from the side of the house through PVC pipe and this method of venting.

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