HVAC Chicago Fact Or Fiction

HVAC Chicago Fact or Fiction, it has been said by many that warranties are important to them. I agree; HVAC warranties (or any warranties) can be worth their weight in gold, that is if you can get your HVAC contractor to make good on the warranty.


Let me explain the scenario for you, its 20 below zero, your furnace is 1 years old, the furnace starts to act up so you call your HVAC contractor that installed it. Do they run right over? I highly doubt it, (WE DO, Our existing customers come first over new money; we believe and have been told not too many HVAC contractors offer that).
Back to the scenario, so your contractor states they can get to your place in 6 hours or longer maybe even a day or two out. Now they don’t say’ no we can’t come’ but they put you off (new money first) for some time. Now as a home owner you are getting cold and you want someone to fix your furnace, remember it’s under warranty with your installation contractor.HVAC Chicago

You find a HVAC contractor that can come out much earlier but not knowing when, you tell them your furnace is still under warranty, remember its 20 below zero, all of a sudden the new HVAC contractor says 6 or 8 hours at the minimum. You see a pattern immerging here? Now you agree to the new HVAC contractor, they come out and get your heat working. Let me ask you this’ is your warranty with the installing contractor void? With most HVAC contractors it is. Why is this you may ask? Well on their original contract it states that warranty work will be void if another HVAC contractor works on the HVAC equipment they installed. Catch 22, you freeze or you sweat to death, but what can you do. But this is the hard cold facts.
The HVAC manufactures for residential furnace and air conditioners offers a five year out of the box warranty on parts. However if you register your furnace or air conditioning system online with the particular manufacture within 60 days you get an additional 5 years. I’m curious why the furnace and air conditioner manufactures just don’t give you the ten year parts warranty out of the box?

Could it be that they the manufactures know that most home owners will forget to register the furnace or air conditioner or both? I bet that’s it, if you don’t register you lose that additional 5 year parts warranty. (Our company does all the registrations for you.)
Here is another HVAC Chicago fact or fiction. The rules to the furnace and air conditioning warranty are this. You must have your furnace and air conditioning system maintenance once a year. You must change your furnace filter at least every two months.
Chicago HVAC contractors who install your HVAC equipment should be responsible for the parts warranty, provided you perform your scheduled tasks described above. Labor warranty is another and separate issue. We’ll get to that later.
Now let’s talk about these HVAC Chicago fact or fiction contractors that promise you a 15 year parts and labor warranty” LOL”. Oh boy! I will keep this short; most people don’t own their homes 15 years any more. However if you do, try and collect from 1 year to 15 years from the HVAC contractors offering that warranty. Labor warranties must be given in writing, not only from the HVAC contractor but from the particular HVAC manufacture of your equipment.

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