HVAC Chicago: Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning. Comfort Heating, boilers, furnaces, Comfort Ventilation, kitchen exhaust and bathroom exhaust fans and Comfort Cooling, Central air conditioners, rooftop a/c’s unico and space pack air conditioning, these are just a few services we offer. Chicago HVAC   Call 312-243-9896 for service or a free in home estimate.

Before I start my ranting about hvac Chicago, I want to let the person who continually sends a contact form to our company talking trash about my idiotic blogging to suck an egg.  To that person: This web site is protected material and using this contact form beyond the purpose intended can land someone in a world of hurt when it comes to the law. We have traced your ip address. We are watching and waiting for your next move. And besides if you don’t like what I write and it burns you up that bad don’t read it. You think I’m an idiot for what I write well maybe, but I enjoy it, or is it deeper than that? maybe our presents on the web bothers you and the fact that we work steady and have good customers that value the service we provide.  So for that said person who don’t like us and writes bad things about us, go scratch!

Back to the topic at hand, HVAC Chicago. In the hvac field in Chicago and any where for that fact is an ever changing field. The pricing for central air conditioning for example is soaring through the roof, especially now with the earth quake/tsunami in Japan.

Natural resources such as copper and other metals are in demand, especially when you have China buying up all the copper and other metals to hold, and build up the market and sell it at supply and demand price levels. All metals have soared and air conditioning increases have hit us already and it has been said that the prices will increase through the summer and continue through next year.
The same goes for boilers and furnaces. If you’re thinking about a new central air conditioner, boiler or furnace buying now would be wise. Price increases can’t be stopped but at least you the consumer know it’s on the rise and you can buy while it’s still affordable.

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