When you call our service department and ask what is our service charge is to come to your home for repairs for your air conditioning system, furnaces or boilers our answer is always the same “we have a $79.00 service fee that covers the first fifteen minutes of diagnostics, after the initial diagnostics our service technicians will explain to you the problems and the approximate cost of repairs, if you authorize the repairs our technicians will perform the repairs on the spot.

Then term approximate cost is due to the amount of Refrigerant or part(s) that may be needed. At first guess we can tell that the system is low but until a charge is added we won’t will know the full amount of Refrigerant added especially if the Refrigerant is completely gone from you’re a/c system and if that’s the case then you have a Refrigerant leak somewhere.

On your outdoor unit or condenser, there is a rating plate and the rating plate tells what the Refrigerant charge is from the factory either by pounds and ounces or just ounces so our techs have an approximate amount at that point. This factory charge also covers 15 to 25 feet of line set or copper tubing if you will. However if your line set or copper tubing is longer than the equivalency mentioned above, than additional Refrigerant will be needed.

Another item of repair at initial diagnostic may be that your compressor is not running and you need a capacitor or contactor to make it work, we do the repair on the capacitor or contactor, at that point your compressor is running and we need to check Refrigerant levels and other components to insure the rest of the a/c system is working properly. Therefore pricing may change a bit and our technicians will tell you so at that point as well.

When the work is complete and you’re a/c is running correctly then you pay the bill whether it’s by cash, credit card or check. Pretty cut and dry.

This applies to Landlords. If you are a landlord and we get approval by you or your tenant to perform the repair(s). After the fact it’s not fair for you to say I’m not paying the bill because you the landlord don’t feel that is the right price. Our prices are told before the work is performed.

We had a person (landlord) the other day after the first repair was completed tell us over the phone that he was not going to pay that price as agreed upon from his brother, that he the landlord thought the price was too high and what do we think we are, Doctors? In a sort we are doctors, doctors of heating and air conditioning systems. This same person said he would pay only the amount he thought was fair.

We are not a vindictive hvac contractor however we would like to be paid for agreed service repairs rendered. Is that asking too much?

Providing hvac installations and services is what we do and we do it well. So if you are in need of service be prepared for a bill whether it is a small bill or a large bill. All repairs pricing differs since there are many items that can cause the hvac system to break down. 312-243-9896

Thanks Big ED

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