Humidifiers Chicago

Humidity abuses your air conditioning system. Humidity destroys drywall and things in your home. Humidity is terrible in your wine cellar. Humidity in the spring and summer sucks. However, humidity in the winter can be a life saver. You all know about the lack of humidity in the winter causing distress on your skin, nose, and scalp. Lack of humidity also increases your gas bill greatly, because forced air heat or even boiler heat dries up the humidity. In the winter, have you noticed that you get the chills and your thermostat is set to your desired temperatures?

The heating system runs and if you have no humidifier, the humidity in your body is being drawn out and is evaporating. This is also the reason your gas bills go up, because when you get the chills what do you do? You turn up the thermostat.

Have you touched a door knob or an appliance and got shocked? I am sure you have. That is static electricity mainly cause by the lack of humidity. There are other factors but for the sake of argument let’s keep it simple, lack of humidity in the winter causes this phenomenon.

There are simple solutions and adding a humidifier to your central heating system is one of them!

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