Hot Water Tank Sale

Hot Water Tank Sale, residential hot water tank sale through the month of Aug 2013.

Hot Water Tank  Sale for Chicago and suburbs.  Install a 40 gallon Bradford-White (standard flue pipe) hot water tank and receive a free furnace or boiler clean and check. ($99.00 Value) Total cost installed $795.00. 50 gallon hot water tank add $105.00. We remove all old equipment.
Hot water tank sale, residential Bradford-White 40 gallon power vented hot water tank installed for $1300.00 includes free furnace or residential boiler tune up. ($99.00 value). 50 gallon hot water tank add $215.00. We remove all old equipment.

We all know how much it sucks to have no hot water in the morning. We also know that the older style hot water tanks were much better than this new governed hot water tanks. But if the hot water tanks are installed correctly then there isn’t much of a problem.

Basement floods always seem to be a problem with hot water tanks, if this is the case for you, then let us know and maybe we can raise your tank off the floor some. This depends on the height of your water lines, however at minimal we can at least raise the tank 3 to 4” . Let us know or send a picture of your existing hot water tank through your cell phone to 708-560-5410. Hot water tank sale Chicago.

hot water tank sale hot water tank sale 40 gallon power vented model.

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