Hot Water Heater Repair – Chicago

Hot Water Heater Repair
No home should ever be without hot water. Especially during the winter, hot water is a necessity for every household. Unfortunately, water heaters can fail at any moment.

Around the Town Heating & Cooling finds that older builds, or landlords who neglect their water heaters, generally have failing units when the real winter weather hits. Most tenants and home owners have limited knowledge in regards to their Hot Water Heater unit.

Water heaters are available in a wide range of types:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Heat Pump/Hybrid
  • Solar

Most of the older units also utilize a storage tank. However, newer units are tankless and provide hot water on demand.

Energy Saving Tip: During the winter, adjusting your hot water heating settings can help you save money.

Not having access to hot water can make it difficult to clean, bath, cook, or wash laundry. Although these systems are complicated, Around the Town Heating & Cooling has certified technicians ready to provide Water Heater Repair services. Don’t wait and tolerate a home without a functional hot water heater!

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