Home Central Air Conditioning

Home central air conditioning contractor commitment to you.

Home central air conditioning contractor has promises that the work we do in your home is as important to us as your home is to you.  Our technicians have proven skill sets to perform the job correctly the first time. If a mistake should occur, after all we are all human; we will do our best to resolve any mistake that has been made immediately.

Our company and its employees are fully covered under the standard insurances requirement in ILLINOIS.

Also we are fully licensed in Chicago and Cook County as well as some municipalities.  When it comes to service we only use OEM furnace and air conditioning parts, no aftermarket parts.

All of our tools for testing is accurate and calibrated by the manufactures the sold the equipment to us.  Our home central air conditioning and furnace installations will meet or exceed manufactures recommendations (by the book no short cuts). All warranties guaranteed. If a warranty claim arises, “it will be honored.

Any heating and air conditioning job we perform for you will be operated and adjusted for optimized performance.  And a final inspection of all work areas will be performed by us and you as well for satisfaction before we leave any job.

We ask our customers that if you may see something on any installation that you are unsure of, ask our installation crew about this before they leave your home.
When it comes to service feel free to ask any questions to our services technicians concerning your home central air conditioning or furnace system.

Here is a point we need to stress strongly, and that is maintenance.  With new home central air conditioning systems and furnaces the manufactures require yearly  furnace and a/c tune ups or clean and checks to honor the warranties set forth in the paper work that comes with the equipment.  This is a requirement.

Furnace filters.  Every season whether it’s heating season or cooling season we see very dirty filters that caused a breakdown of the home heating or home central air conditioning system.  Please check your furnace filter monthly.
For a free in home estimate for a new furnace or central air conditioning system feel free to call 312-243-9896!


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