Home Air Conditioning System Tune up

Home air conditioning system tune up

Central Air conditioning cleaning verses central air conditioning tune up!

Some contractors say that they tune up your air conditioning system but actually all they do is clean it with water, hook up their refrigeration gauges and then sell you more Refrigerant.

The proper a/c tune up should consist of cleaning your outdoor condenser using an environmentally friendly condenser cleaning solution that safe to your pets, grass and flowers. Checking your Refrigerant level based on outdoor temperatures and humidity factors as well blower speed, cleanliness of your furnace or air handler filter as well the condition of the evaporator coil.

A good hvac mechanic when cleaning your home air conditioner should offer at an extra charge to you these items that will really benefit your energy consumption as well promoting the longevity of your air conditioning system.

A good residential air conditioner tune up should also consist of products that aid in protecting your compressor like a 5-2-1 compressor saver (®)which aides in the start up of your air conditioning system in difficult times and protecting the compressor from potentially damaging start up current, or high amp draws.

A good tune up of your air conditioning system should also consist of a surge protector which protects your system from potentially damaging surges, caused by lightning strikes, brown outs, over adjusting your thermostats, another wards turning it on and off in a constant motion.

Another aspect of a good tune up is to offer aid to your older a/c systems compressor by introducing re-new an energy saving lubricant product. These above items should be used when needed to insure a healthy long and efficient life to you is a/c system.

So when the other guys are hosing it down remember Around The Town for a proper tune up on your air conditioner!
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