Home Air conditioning Pricing

Home air conditioning pricing has a broad range.

Home air conditioning pricing can vary because every residential homeowner has different home air conditioning needs or wants. Home air conditioning pricing can change considerably if the homeowner wants the highest seer rating that’s available to them. Seer rating stands for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is basically the amount of electrical energy your home air conditioning system consumes for the season. Higher the seer, the more efficient the ac is. Of course the cost of higher seer ac units increases.

Basic high efficient home air conditioning pricing also varies if you have a conventional air conditioning system, a Space pack a/c, Unico system or even the Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning system.

A conventional air conditioning system is the furnace, evaporator coil above the furnace and your outside unit which is commonly referred to as your a/c. We in the trades call it a condenser, which is what the outdoor unit really is.

Home air conditioning pricing has increased a bit because of the retrofitting the new a/c systems from R-22 to the new governed refrigerant 410-a. R -22 refrigerant has been said to have opened the ozone layers even wider than the pollution from manufacturing.
So having read the information above you will see the home air conditioning pricing range from $2600.00 to $12000.00. Your basic 13 seer home air conditioning pricing in the Chicago-land area should set you back on an average of $3000.00.

To know your real cost or your home air conditioning system it is best to have 3 HVAC contractors come out and give you a free estimate.

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