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Home AC Tune Ups Does It Help? This question has been asked by homeowners on a regular basis over the years.

Home ac tune ups does it help? And our question is always the same, does a tune up for your car help? Not being facetious but having your home a/c tune up indeed improves performance. Keeping it real”. It also provides work for our company. But truly we are in it to help reduce your energy consumption and help decrease the chances of a break down during those sweltering days.

Many a/c contractors will have a list of checks (20 or more) for home ac tune ups that don’t even apply to every system. We perform the most necessary steps. However we do check over the less important steps in our ac tune ups.

Having your home ac tune ups will help in many ways by us performing our inspections during the home ac tune ups. Here are the inspections we make and what they mean.
• First and foremost inspect your furnace filter. A clean filter insures good air flow across the evaporator coil. (This is most critical). And we give free furnace filters with our home ac tune ups.
• Next important inspection is the condenser coil (outdoor unit). A clean condenser coil can effectively insure heat removal from your home. Also a clean condenser helps insure no liquid slugging to the compressor. A compressor is made to pump Refrigerant vapor not liquid Refrigerant.
• This check goes hand in hand with the cleanliness of the condenser coil. And that is the proper Refrigerant charge or level if you will. Without the proper Refrigerant levels nothing in you’re a/c system will truly function properly.
• Low Refrigerant affects the compressor, the evaporator coil and the condenser fan motor. Many electrical components have amperage ratings. And amperage ratings or as we say in the industry (amp draw) change with poor conditions of the ac system. If your home ac system has all the proper Refrigerant levels and is clean as described above, all amperage rating should be within + or – 5% of plate ratings or better.
• Other home ac tune ups check we perform is the electrical wiring connections. All connections should be tight and free of spark or burn marks. This is common to see on home a/c units. Especially during peak season when everyone is using their a/c units and voltage drops occur from Com Ed. Also lightning strikes have affected home a/c units as well. Especially on high rise apartment and condos.
• The blower motor in the furnace or air handler is checked by amp draw to insure proper cfm’s is blowing through the evaporator coil. How much air is passing through the evaporator coil to insure proper refrigerant boil off. This is important!

Over all these a/c checks do help your home a/c system and will aid in the decreased chance of air conditioning system failure.
For Home a/c tune ups call 312-243-9896.
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