Heating Repair Chicago

Does working from your home mean your not as worthy as a contractor working out of a business shop? Absolutely not, however guys that can’t keep a job in the heating and air conditioning business because they don’t have a drivers license or the have drug and alcohol problems, start up business to get fast cash from unsuspecting customers.  This has been dilemma in the heating and air conditioning business over the past 15-20 years or so.  HVAC schools promise the world to these students telling them that they will get a great job in the HVAC industry only to find out that no HVAC company wants to hire them, and I’ll explain why.

First,  it is not the fault of the new HVAC job seeker that goes to school, but the fault lies with HVAC schools that are not teaching these students what they need to know to be a hiring candidate by a HVAC contractors.  These schools teach the curriculum the state or federal financial funding makes mandatory, so grants for these schools are given to students to attend.  However, why are these schools not teaching beyond that?  Why would the instructors not share more of their knowledge with their students of what they need to know for gainful employment in the heating repair-chicago realm?  We just wish more students would have a real life understanding of heating repair Chicago.  

Many of these students after they get out of school will run a business out of their car.  Would you rather have somebody working on your house running a business out of their car as a hobby or a business whose sole purpose is to do heating repair Chicago?  Trying to save a couple of buck with an inexperienced HVAC contractor may cost you a lot more in the long term!

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