Heating Maintenance

Heating companies refer themselves as heating and cooling contractors, in the residential sector of heating and cooling which is why we refer to ourselves as comfort heating specialists.  As comfort heating specialist, it is our obligation to give you the most reliable and accurate information looking for an honest heating (comfort heating specialist) company.

Around The Town Heating, Furnace, and Boiler Company offers simple advice about your heater or furnace.  The end of the heating season is near; however, these items should be checked to insure proper air flow through your furnace or heater:

  • Check your furnace or heater filter monthly.
  • Check your batteries in your carbon monoxide detector.
  • Install or have us install a digital thermostat. Thermostats are 20% of furnace or heater problems. This also will save you energy dollars.  If it is programmable, that is even better.  You can turn down the heat in the winter when you are not home.
  • Have your furnace or heater serviced yearly.

Boilers also have a few items that should be checked. If you have a steam boiler, you should drain your boiler a minimum of once a week. Refer to your boiler operation manual, if you don’t have one give us a call and we can locate a manual for you.  You can also have us out for a small fee, and we can show you how. If your boiler has water verses steam for its medium then you have a circulation pump, and the pump may need oiling.

Heating equipment is made for the benefit of the consumer, and energy efficiencies are just another advanced potential break down. When the heater/furnace breaks, they usually break big and costly and always when the equipment is just out of warranty (reminds me of my car!).  When this new high efficient equipment is designed, they are designed to break.  Unfortunately, that can mean big buck out of your pocket.  We have customers in Chicago, south Holland and Oak Lawn that have the old Mueller climatrol furnaces and they are 45 plus years old and believe this or not, those furnaces still operate safely and efficient for these customers,  and they will not part with theses furnaces.

Hopefully, our small list of heating maintenance tips can help keep your furnace running in tip top shape!

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