Heating,air conditioning and Earth Day

Heating, air conditioning and Earth Day and concern for the environment. It has been said the the distructive power of global warming has a direct tie in with refrigerants used in the HVAC industry.  Ozone depleteing refrigerants are just a small source of global warming. Global warming has been a factor starting back from the days of the industrial revolution, the steel mills, oil refineries, fisheries, the great war and all the missiles and air craft that has been plaguing the skies.

I can remember the very first time Earth Day was celebrated back in 1970. I was in 7th grade back in my grammar school in Chicago. The whole week before Earth Day  our teacher talked about the importance of respecting the Earth’s environment and respecting all of nature. She also talked about the growing concern of pollution and the effects on the soil, air and water. Everyone had to dress in a costume representing a symbol of nature. I dressed as an Indian because they were people that always respected nature and were not wasteful or destructive to the land, or animals. I remember we had a parade and made banners. I was glad to have participated in that very first Earth Day.

You have heard the saying “Go Green” it’s the popular phrase of the moment, but it is more than a catchy phrase it is a way to help protect and preserve the earth’s environment from further harm.

This message also needs to apply to our governments and the firing of the missiles into the outer atmoshere. The goverments put restrictions on our way of life for the Green movement or as we call it the Green Zone, then the rules need to apply to them. It seems that the big corporations get passes on the amount of pollution they spill and the hvac guy gets fined for the small release of Refrigerant.

Never the less every one should take time out on April 22nd and think about what role can you take to help the fight to keep the Earths atmosphere from decaying any further. Any questions or comments feel free to exspress yourself. Start Earth Day off with a bang and get your central air conditioning system tuned up and inspected for Refrigerant leaks. Call 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896.

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