Dunkirk Water Boiler

Dunkirk WPSB Series II – Boiler

The WPSB Series II features an Integral Draft Hood and Vent Damper, reducing the overall height and making the unit ideal for low clearance/space limited installations. The compact footprint and Cast to Last 20 Year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty make the WPSB Series II an excellent choice for residential applications.

  • 84.1% AFUE Rating
  • Boiler Control Module: Fuel Smart Hydrostat Temperature Limit, LWCO
  • Boiler Reset Control with Circulator Relay and Domestic Hot Water Input Override.
  • User Display Interface: Temperature LED Display with diagnostic indicator lights.
  • Assembled Boiler with Insulated Jacket
  • Cast-iron sections and cast-iron push nipples make this a classic design.
  • Natural gas or propane – Your choice.