Dunkirk Condensing Boiler

Dunkirk Q95M-200 – Boiler

This boiler is perfect for heating equipment replacement jobs where you’re looking for high efficiency. It’s also a great choice for new homes, any radiant-heating application, and where you need lots of domestic hot water.

  • 92.5% AFUE Rating
  • Sealed combustion for convenience and savings.
  • Direct-vent – Don’t worry about that old chimney.
  • Cast-aluminum, mono-block heat exchanger – Three times faster than iron!
  • Integrated modulating boiler control with high limit and probe type low-water cutoff.
  • Direct Spark Igniter
  • Modulating burner, automatic gas valve and blower – Responds to every change in the weather.
  • Swing-out control panel for easily accessible heating system components.
  • Safe, economical CPVC and PVC vent pipe.
  • Natural gas or propane – Your choice.