Heating Your Home in an Emergency

Heating your home in an emergency.

Whether your heating system fails or  you lose power to your home.  It’s a good possibility that you still have natural gas or propane. If this is the case then the quickest and the safest way to get immediate heat relief  would be to boil water in a big cooking pot. A pasta pot or a steamer pot works well. Fill with water and boil once boiling lower burners to keep it boiling and steaming. This is a temporary relief but works well and is fairly safe.

 Heating Your Home in an Emergency
Simple everyday items around your home can help when your heating source fails.

Ways to Heat Your House Without Electricity

There’s nothing that will halt your normal day-to-day life more than a power outage in the dead of winter.

An extended winter power outage is, for me at least, the stuff of nightmares.

Without power, you lose the primary way you heat your house, and, in most cases, you also lose your water supply.

Luckily, there are other ways to heat your house without using electricity. And, believe it or not, preparation is fairly simple.

It’s important to stock up on the obvious things: plastic window sealers, lots and lots of blankets and quilts, insulating pipe wrap, batteries (lots of batteries), water, canned goods, board games, etc.

Once you’re in the clear as far as supplies go, here are four things you can do to heat your house and stay warmer this winter…

Wood stove or portable heater: If you don’t have one yet, it’s a good investment. You may be able to find a cheap, used one. It’s better than nothing. If you use either, just make sure you have proper ventilation in each room you’re using them in. Also, a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector wouldn’t hurt either.

Designate a warm room: In the event of a winter blackout, pick the smallest room in your home and cover the walls and windows in blankets, towels, curtains, space blankets… whatever you have. Keeping that room warm will be much easier than trying to heat your house in its entirety.

Pitch a tent or make a fort: A small tent or fort in your warm room will capture body heat and help you and your family stay warm.

Warning: Never use your bath tub to burns logs, You may laugh but over the years we seen this. Porcelain bath tubes explode with extreme heat. Also plastic Bathtubs  burn to a toxic tune of death. Never burn in a garbage can in your home, we have seen this as-well. No ventilation will cause carbon monoxide and eventually death. These warning items described here is common sense, but not everyone has that.

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