Heating System Repair

Heating System Repair in Chicago, For Heating System Repair companies has decreased due to the online parts depots that exist. Many home owners are performing heating system repair on their own heating equipment to save money.

Is this wise?

Big Ed replacing a inducer motor on a goodman furnace

I’m not against home owners performing heating system repair on their own heating systems. But I always think of safety first. The comments I received from homeowners that have fixed their own furnaces, said that they watch youTube videos showing them how to make the repairs. However the average homeowner are not aware of the signs of deteriorating issues with their furnaces such as carbon monoxide spillage, potential electrical issues and so on, now that is not shown to you on you Tube videos.

The average furnace operating life in the Chicagoland area is around 15 years give or take proper maintenance i.e. filter changes and furnace tune ups every few years. Now I concede going back to the 80’s and 90’s those furnaces were still manufactured decently and with proper maintenance the furnaces usually last a bit longer than the furnaces being built from 2003 and present.

These modern furnaces from 2003 to present do require an expert heating system repair technician to perform services and repairs. I believe to each is own, however sometimes common sense says let the professional handle the heating system repair and therefore a warranty follows the repair. You can’t go after yourself if you mis-diagnose your furnace repair, especially is a death should occur while performing the repair yourself.

Heating system repair contractors can and will be accountable if they screw up. Well, reputable heating repair contractor that is. Let me explain; Last night ( 2-13-2020 ) I went on a service call close to where I live. From phone call to repair less than a hour. The customer has used our services prior, as I arrived at the furnace I had noticed its a new furnace, I asked the home owner why isn’t the contractor that installed this furnace here fixing this furnace? Their response was, “The company that put the furnace in blasted their neighborhood with flyers for great pricing on furnace and ac’s”. And they used burn phones for their advertising phone number and they the homeowner couldn’t get a hold of them.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said to the homeowner that this is a slap to my face for them using another company for that installation but those who know me knows I will not bite my tongue. The next time these particular people call I will no longer perform service for them. Not being thin skinned, but over the years when they called for service during the heat wave of summer, we were there fixing their air conditioning system with record time and reasonable priced, same applies for their furnace as in last night, 1 Hour start to finish. Cant be more reliable than that.

Unlike those consumers last night we Around The Town Heating And Air conditioning are loyal to our customers and fix the heating system repair correctly the first time and we stand behind our service. If a repair didn’t take the first time we honor our mistakes and will fix it correctly. Thanks Big Ed

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