Heating System Maintenance Cost

Heating system maintenance cost. Fall is approaching, the evenings begin to cool down and some might think about changing the selector switch on their thermostat from cool to heat. Yes that’s right, heating season already. Time does fly by that’s for sure.

Heating system maintenance cost; its time for your heating system maintenance which is  required, especially if your system is less then ten years old.
We all know that September brings weird weather patterns, hot by day, cold by night and these occurrences’ put many stresses on your heating system. During the day you may run your ac and then at night you may throw on the heating system to take the chill away.

When you do these changes from cool to heat in a 24 hour basis, the relay controls and sensors on the furnaces start to act strangely. Some relays and controls may stick closed during the heating cycle and then may not open during the cooling cycle. That’s why getting your heating system maintenance performed now instead of during the dead of winter is more beneficial. And besides cheaper. If there is a potential problem, it’s better to catch it now before you have no heat and you are freezing come winter.

Other problems we see this time of year is flame sensor issues as well as igniter problems. With the hot summer that past, moisture builds up in the furnace compartments which in fact will cause the igniter to crack on heating start up. And if this happens you will have no heat. Then the heating system maintenance cost will be much higher due to a service call verses a heating preventative maintenance check.

Other issues we see with heating and cooling this time of year is furnace filter neglect. You may say, I haven’t ran my cooling or heating system lately so therefore my furnace filter should be okay. Buzz, wrong answer, when was the last time you checked or changed the furnace filter?

With furnace filters cleanliness is next to godliness as far as your heating system maintenance is concerned.
Heating system maintenance checks are on sale for only $79.95 thru Sept 30 2013. Be the early bird and get your heating system maintenance checked performed now. An ounce of cure is worth pound of prevention.

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