Heating Repair Cost

Is the cost of repairing your heating system getting out of hand? For some, it may be. For others, it’s the cost of services rendered. Heating repair costs derive from sources such as parts, labor, service charges, flat rate pricing, and for some, “whatever they can get”. The latter of this sentenced is more widely used than the consumer really knows. If the heating repair companies had about the same costs of performing heating repair services, then the consumer would have to choose by merit of the company not by the amount of advertising you see.

Profit margins in the years of past use to be about 30 to 40%, now profit margins range from 30% to 100% depending on the heating contractor. I have seen and heard from customers where heating repair company’s prices soared, that made me think our pricing is way too low.

However after careful consideration, our heating repair cost prices are in the ball park of the 30% range, and I/we can sleep at night with no problems. The summer homes and the expensive cars will never be, but we can live with that as well, like my father use to say the world needs ditch diggers to.

Heating repair cost is a necessary evil, no different than automobile repair cost, plumbing repair cost and any other service cost out there. It’s a matter of paying a fair heating service repair cost for a job well done.

My thoughts are to charge accordingly and continue receiving work from that customer. Not make a handful of coin off of one customer and never see them again! If you are in the market for a heating repair contractor look no further than Around The Town Heating And Cooling today.

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