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On Saturday 11-19 2011 at 4:45pm as I was driving from a boiler service call and listening to the loop at 97.9, there was an ad I heard that was distasteful to say the least. The Carrier ad mentions a homeowner needing assistance on a furnace problem and whom should they call.  The husband in this ad says I know a guy down the street that knows a guy that fixes furnaces and the wife in the ad says no we should call Carrier and not the fly by night contractor.

You hear about how furnace and air conditioning contractors talk bad about each other daily, this business sort of lends itself that way and it’s not right.

To hear Carrier display a radio advertisement like that is downright awful, and they should be ashamed of themselves. The ad on the radio offended me because when a corporation like Carrier talks about fly by night contractors, maybe they should clean up their own house before speaking out of turn. Our company is small, we have been around for a while, and we are not a fly by night hvac contractor and never will be.

Carrier Corporation has been around for a while; Dr. Willis Carrier was an innovated engineer to say the least.  His air conditioning designs definitely set the standards of air conditioning, and if Dr. Carrier was still around, I bet he would not have allowed that radio advertisement.

This heating and air conditioning business is cut throat and hard enough to succeed in by itself let alone a big corporation talking about fly by night contractors.  I personally have seen contractors that I thought were fly by nighters and ended up being successful and have rave reviews.

In closing, I guess it is important to live by the golden rule — if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.  Word of mouth advertising is also some of the best advertising out there, and if you are happy with Around the Town, please tell your friends about us!

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