Heating Chicago saftey tips

A fire in your home is always a devastating and expensive experience. The first rule in dealing with residential fires is to prevent them. Every home should always have both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and fire extinguishers should be installed and ready to use.

The service techs at Around the Town Heating will always check to make sure these devices are operational prior to completing any service call.

The second rule is fire safety. All open flame sources should be considered dangerous.

As we approach heating season Around the Town recommends inspecting all appliances that will be used throughout the winter. Make sure your space heaters are clean and operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Around the Town HVAC also have several recommendations that all homeowners should follow if you feel a fire hazard may exist.

Ed’s first tip is to shut down your heating and/or cooling system as soon as you can. Then Call ED or crew out to check.

If you have had a fire — After a fire is put out, most homeowners tend to look at the water and flame damage as the greatest hurdles and they fail to realize that smoke and soot damage are lurking throughout the structure.

Although smoke and soot may seem to be the least of your worries, experienced professionals  know that both require specialized clean up or they will permanently damage equipment, furnishings, walls and ceilings. (Not excluding the personal health hazards.)

We always recommends hiring a reputable contractor to assist with the cleanup. Around the Town performs several of these emergency actions each year.

Prior to the restoration contractor beginning work, the techs at Around the Town will replace the furnace filter and install filters or cheesecloth over all registers. This will prevent soot from fouling the mechanical system.

Once the restoration contractor’s work is completed, the mechanical contractor Around The Town Heating should be allowed to clean the furnace and fans, replace all filters, and inspect all ductwork that was affected during the cleanup process.  Wrong action can make restoration more difficult and could greatly delay your return to normal living. These emergency tips will increase the chances for prompt and successful restoration.

To avoid such devasting disasters, have you furnace , boiler or wall unit cleaned and tuned prior to heating season. Call 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896 to schedule your fall heating system tune up!