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In the fight against increasing utility bills, the heating and cooling equipment manufacturers have designed new residential high efficient heating and air conditioning equipment. “Isn’t it a shame that the heating and air conditioning manufacturers build equipment around the utility company’s greed? The new high efficient heating and air conditioning equipment are nice, and costly, the noise levels of the equipment have decreased, due to variable speed (ECM) motors as well as insulated cabinets and heavier gauge sheet metals to stop the vibrations of the running equipment.

When the heating and cooling equipment is designed and installed correctly you should have comfortable heating and air conditioning in all rooms of your home or business. This rule applies more on new construction. Residential heating and cooling systems are very complex. HVAC ductwork must be properly designed and sized. Equalized static pressure is important for airflow. Ductwork sizing must allow the proper amount of air to enter and leave each room. The reason for this is most ductwork installation companies design the ductwork to fit the furnace’s CFM and static pressures.

What about the older homes with the gigantic ductwork that was made for the old gravity systems, and/or the belt driven blower motors? Sure central air conditioning has worked ok with antiquated systems. However keeping true to high efficiencies, a consideration in upgrading ductwork is a must.

The new higher AFUE and Seer ratings on furnaces and air conditioners require a tighter ductwork system with different static pressures. The old style ductwork with the new HVAC equipment will work, however you will not receive the true efficiencies that are being sold to you, the consumer.

In closing, the new era of HVAC is great for energy efficiencies and has decreased the consumer’s utility cost month to month, this is great. The requirement for maintenance increases for higher efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Manufacturers require annual maintenance checks to validate the warranty, in other words if you don’t maintain your HVAC equipment, the warranty can be voided, that is directly from the manufacturer.

Editor’s notes: In our industry, have you ever stopped to think about the business we’re in? Now wait a minute, before you say,” I’m in the heating business,” stop and think, because a large part of your success lies in how we HVAC guys define our services to the public.

If you think about the term heating and cooling contractor, shouldn’t it be comfort heating and cooling contractor? Most of your satisfied customers, these are the customers that have recommended your business to a friend or relative, are the customers that you keep comfortable at affordable pricing. “With comfort comes satisfaction”.

Ed Pavlick has been in HVAC business for 30 years. He has written many blogs that are in relation to heating and cooling and money saving tips regarding the consumption of your HVAC equipment use. With many years of experience, Ed Pavlick of Around The Town Heating & Cooling, Inc will always give it to you straight. Ed Pavlick stays in this business because he truly believes in an honest approach concerning costs and that the comfort level of the consumers are one of the most important aspects of the job.


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