Heating And Air Conditioning Tips

Heating and Air Conditioning Tips to consider before you call for HVAC service and during your call for HVAC service and while HVAC technician is at your home.

Heating and air conditioning tips and the many Calls we receive from customers explaining their problems with their heating and air conditioning systems can be diagnosed over the phone. Is that a good idea for our company? Probably not! But who are we to stand in the way of progress, besides we are here for your heating and air conditioning issues.

It has been said by many that helping customers over the phone loses calls for the helper, which is us , Around the Town Heating and Air conditioning. True it does, but sometimes it proves worthy. We have help hundreds of consumers over the phone with their heating and air conditioning issues. Have we lost work? I’m sure we did. By helping customers over the phone we also gained work and a valued customer. For example; here is a testimonial from Patty H. her first call to us was late evening on a blistering cold Saturday night.

The most amazing thing about Around the Town Heating and Cooling is that they are open 24 hours and ALWAYS answer their phone. One over the top freezing night in Chicago, one of our heaters stopped working. It happened to be on the floor where our bedrooms are…Our small children were sleeping and Ed from AROUND THE TOWN HEATING & COOLING walked me through what I needed to do to get the heat back on and I am not technical by any means. A year later, our tenant’s furnace needed help. Ed is so skilled with furnaces that he can tell you what the unit looks like and what the problem is over the phone. We even e-mailed him photos of the area that he inquired about. I am a female that has been in commercial real estate for the last 20 years and I haven’t met an HVAC company as good, as competent, as honest and as fast as Around The Town. Plus their prices are awesome. The most respectful and professional Heating and Air-Conditioning Company in the City of Chicago- HANDS DOWN.
Patty H. in Chicago, IL

Now this was written and posted online somewhere, we found it and copied it. Pattie lives in Little Italy off of Taylor St. So therefore helping customers over the phone sometimes pays off. However we need to be careful on what we help you with. Safety is always our concern for you.

Back to the topic. Heating and air conditioning tips:

Simple tips as a consumer. Check and change air filter monthly. Have your heating and air conditioning system checked annually. During your call to a heating and air conditioning professional, ask them their pricing up front, ask if they will give you the total cost of repair prior to performing repairs. When a heating and air conditioning person is in your home ask them any questions, they should be more than happy to  answer any questions you may have.  Simple common sense heating and air conditioning tips. They will help.

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